Appliance Town offers Low Cost Fixed Finance with Lighting Electrical Ltd & Hitachi Capital Plc,

Clear Fixed rate monthly payments, 

Minimum Purchase amount £200.00 ,

Fixed interest 19.9% - 20% Apr. 
(Annual Percentage Rate)


Sale Price:     £279.99
Deposit:              £0        (no deposit required)
APR:                19.9%

24 Monthly Payments:          £14.02
36 Monthly Payments:          
48 Monthly Payments:            

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Customer Eligibility and Important Information

Completing the Pre-Lending Check List
Before applying, you will be required to check that you are eligible for consideration for finance through Hitachi Capital and that you have two forms of appropriate identification. You must meet each of the following requirements below.

Before completing an Application,  to be eligible for consideration for Finance facilities, you must:
  • be 18 or older;
  • be in permanent paid employment or retired and receiving a pension, or be a house person with a partner in permanent paid employment or be self employed;
  • be a resident in the UK (or a British Crown Dependency if approved by Hitachi Capital) for a minimum of 12 months;
  • be able to provide acceptable proof of address (except where the goods and/or services are to be delivered to their residential address) and proof of signature;
  • make payments by direct debit; and
  • be purchasing the goods and/or services for personal use and not for business use.

Permanent paid employment is classed as an occupation where the person is working more than 16 hours per week; this also includes someone who is in receipt of a permanent pension or personal benefit, e.g. an invalidity or incapacity benefit.

Who is not eligible for Hitachi Capital finance?

The following applicants would not be eligible for Hitachi Capital finance:
  • Unemployed people.
  • Temporary / Agency workers.
  • Childminders working from home, unless they have a registered child minding business.
  • Foster carers (with no other paid employment) are not acceptable unless partner/spouse is in permanent employment (16 hours per week minimum).
  • Students (other than trainee nurses and doctors) even if working 16 hours or more per week.
  • Supply teachers (unless the applicants fixed term contract expires after the end of the term of the agreement)